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  • This 11 minute video explains both continuous and discrete system state space models, how to derive the model from equations (linear or nonlinear). Introduction to State Space Models
  • Website from MATLAB’s help center; Gives light overview of what a state space model is and relationships between discrete and continuous matrices. What Are State-Space Models?

  • This set of slides/notes from a course at MIT includes information of what state-space systems and models are, as well as code examples. Introduction to Feedback Control Systems

Further Learning


  • Video 1
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Applied papers

  • Paper 1
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Online tutorials

  • Online tutorial 1
  • Online tutorial 2


Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos This book gives a great overview of dynamical modeling and phase space conceptualization. It is an entire book, but I can’t even decide on which chapters are best because it is so foundational. There is also an associated video series of class lectures by the author: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycJEoqmQvwg